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  • Who is an auto expert?
    Avtoexpert helps us choose the car we want at Copart and IAAI auctions. He is fully responsible for the selection of the vehicle. He also plays the auction for you and buys a car for you
  • How long does it take to bring the car?
    Car delivery takes about 3-3.5 months after winning the auction. Indigo Cars is responsible for the full logistics service. You will know where your car is at every stage — we will provide you with information about it.
  • In what case do I play the auction?
    We play the auction if you like the option offered by the auto expert and it meets your requirements. If you confirm your participation in the auction, you will follow the auction online with an expert and play up to the desired budget.
  • What happens if the car is damaged on the way?
    Indigo Cars will assess the damage caused to the vehicle during transportation and fully compensate you. Cargoes are fully insured and the company ensures quality and safe transportation of vehicles in every possible way.
  • Do you have a financing service?
    At Indigo cars you can buy a car with internal installments and the best conditions. The company will lend the amount in just 1.5% to be able to bring the desired car to Georgia.
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